CTI Group Tool Tracks Mobile Use

CTI Group recently announced the launch of Proteus Mobile, a call accounting tool that monitors and reports on mobile usage — SMS, MMS, data and voice. It is available for sale through its channel partners.

Proteus Mobile provides detailed analysis of the cost and usage patterns of mobile handsets and 3G devices. It reports specific usage patterns, such as highest data users, highest voice users and roaming users. It also allocates usage and costs to individual departments and cost centers, highlights unusual spend or activity to protect against potential fraud, separately identifies usage and costs on mobile handsets versus other mobile 3G devices including tablet PCs, analyzes costs across multiple carriers, and tags calls as personal or business.

With CTIs Proteus Mobile, organizations will be able to analyze all mobile usage and costs, which will empower them to implement policies and strategies that will help eliminate any unnecessary and costly wireless expenditure,” said CTI Group Product Manager Lee Essex in a press statement.

Among the high-cost culprits are personal usage, large data transfers, international phone calls and unmonitored roaming charges, Essex noted. 

Proteus Mobile currently is being offered as part of the larger Proteus Enterprise solution as a premises-based installation, according to company spokesperson Jason Dempsey. This allows both mobile and fixed line usage analysis to be on one platform. He added that CTI is able to offer a managed solution and is moving to cloud-based multitenant solutions.

In addition, Dempsey said Proteus Mobile is designed as an add on to the current versions (6.3 & 7) of Proteus, but the next generation of Proteus will allow the deployment of Proteus Mobile and other modules independently.

Customers purchase Proteus mobile under a perpetual license agreement based on the number of connected devices.

A channel-only business, CTI Group offers discounts to channel partners, who can earn margins of up to 47 percent on the Proteus solutions, Dempsey said.

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