Skeptical? New Verizon iPhone Rumor: Available After Christmas, LTE-Capable

Hold on to your Santa hats, folks, because here we go yet again with the latest Verizon iPhone rumor.

This time, theres a new report from MacDailyNews citing just one, anonymous source that says Verizon Wireless will debut a new, LTE-capable iPhone after the Christmas holiday. The source said Verizon showed off the device to company management at a training session last week, according to reports.

There are some aspects here that make us question the veracity of this latest rumor.

First, why oh why would Verizon wait until after the holiday buying frenzy to launch the most anticipated smartphone of the year? The strategy, if true, makes little sense since Verizon would, without a doubt, otherwise record the highest quarterly sales of its life. Some outlets claim AT&T is to blame. Supposedly AT&T has a stipulation in its contract with iPhone maker Apple that wont allow Verizon to have the device before Christmas.


Second, that the Verizon iPhone would be 4G-capable also seems too much to expect. Verizon has made clear over the past few weeks that it will not have any LTE-compatible smartphones for the 4G network its just now rolling out. So far, the only mobile devices for that network are netbooks and laptops not phones.

Finally, Apple isnt known for being on top of the game when it comes to communications technology. Remember that the first-ever iPhone was EDGE-only, even though 3G was everywhere? Heck, the company has had a terrible time perfecting a white edition of its mind-numbingly popular smartphone what makes people think its got an LTE version ready to go?

Above all, keep in mind that weve all been baited for months about a Verizon iPhone. While wed all like to see one hit Big Red sooner rather than later, its most likely the iPhone wont arrive until some time in 2011s first quarter.

Maybe someone should stuff Apple and Verizons stockings with coal.

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