Judge Punts Microsoft Billionaires Patent Lawsuit

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will have to come up with exact details of alleged patent infringement if he wants his case against Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay and other companies to get any more court time.

Thats the ruling from federal judge Marsha Pechman, who said on Friday that Allen has failed to indicate with any specificity” which of those rivals products violate his intellectual property rights.

The allegations in the complaint are spartan,” Pechman wrote.

In August, the billionaire Allen filed claims against multiple tech and retail giants, alleging illegal use of four of his Web technology patents. The holdings in question relate to e-commerce and Internet-search capabilities. Allen landed the patent rights in the 1990s when he ran a business called Interval Research.

Allen now has until Dec. 28 to amend his complaints and see if his lawsuit makes any headway. The companies Allen is targeting say hes way off base Google has said Allen, who spends most of his time now with his pro sports teams in the Northwest, is trying to compete in the courtroom instead of the marketplace.”

A spokesman for Allen has told multiple media outlets the case remains on track.

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