Verizon iPhone Prediction: It Could Be a Flop

Hows this for a 2011 forecast?: If Verizon Wireless does indeed get the iPhone as most everyone predicts, it might be a sales disappointment.

Thats an actual call being made by a Stifel Nicolaus analyst, who believes Verizon iPhone sales will only boost Apples overall iPhone sales by 800,000. Seriously? Surveys have shown many people are waiting to buy the wildly popular device until its on a more reliable wireless network, so a spike of less than 1 million seems pretty low. Its also pretty remarkable considering Apple sold 5 million iPhones to AT&T just in Q3 2010.

The prediction isnt quite as low from Merrill Lynch, which believes a partnership with Verizon will help Apple sell a total of 6 million iPhones next year, but even that number seems paltry, despite increased competition from Android.

Sure, some of the sales will come at AT&Ts expense, but is there really any reason to think the Verizon iPhone wont live up to its hype?

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