Android Phones: Nearly 10M Sold Per Month

So much for that recent report that Android sales are tapering off. Googles Android guru, Andy Rubin, says more than 300,000 Android phones are being activated every day. That counters the 225,000 we heard earlier this week. Its a sixfold increase over the 50,000 or so that were being sold at the beginning of 2010.

Rubin took to Twitter to make the announcement today. Its believed that almost 10 million Android phones are sold each month. The platform was the biggest seller in the U.S. in Q3 2010, and it appears its well on its way to beating its competitors again in Q4. Apple sold 14 million iPhones in all of Q3 no small feat in itself so this time it might not even be that close.

Of course, its easy to forget that, in the case of Android vs. iPhone, its many devices vs. just one; nevertheless, its quite an accomplishment for an operating system thats just a couple of years old.

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