Android Trouble: Verizon iPhone Already Hurting Sales?

Some reports speculate that the mythical, mysterious, so-far-nonexistent Verizon iPhone is giving Googles Android a beatdown this holiday season.

Thats right, a phone that is yet to be announced by Apple or Verizon could be taking a bite out of Androids bottom line. Earlier this year, analysts said approximately 200,000 Android phones were being activated every day; now that were into the peak holiday shopping season, that number has only increased to 214,000. Remember, this is the time of year when some companies do one-third, one-half or even more of their annual retail business.

Sure, sales of Android devices might be tailing off a bit just because were now a year past the debut of Googles OS and it would be pretty hard to keep up the pace that made Android the hottest-selling smartphone operating system in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2010. But after years of rumor, just about everyone expects a CDMA version of the iPhone to make its Verizon Wireless debut in Q1 2011. And now that its closer to being a lock, a lot of customers might be holding back a little of that Christmas cash for an iPhone in the new year.

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