White iPhone Confirmed for AT&T, Verizon Too?

If youre doing any shopping in Apple stores this holiday season, you might get a glimpse of something white and were not talking about snow. The long-fabled white iPhone is showing up in Apples promotional materials. The Silicon Valley giant says it will be available for purchase on the AT&T network in Spring 2011.

Apple has delayed the white iPhone announcement umpteen times over the past few years, blaming a number of different technical and development difficulties for the delays. (Not sure what the problem is its just a color, but hey, we dont manufacture them.)

Of course, the white iPhone is only the second-most talked about iPhone topic. Most pundits expect to hear an announcement soon about the release of a CDMA iPhone for the Verizon Wireless network early next year. And since theres been no official confirmation yet from either Verizon or Apple, theres no mention in the new promotional item if Verizon customers will have their choice of black or white when they finally get their hands on the device. But it would certainly make sense that Apple would make things tidy and roll them out at the same time. That being said, what Apple does and what makes perfect sense are sometimes two different things.

Also unknown is whether the Verizon iPhone will be 4G-capable. Theres been speculation that it wont be, but with Verizon switching on its LTE network over the weekend and having no 4G smartphones to offer just yet a 4G iPhone could make the much-anticipated announcement that much bigger. However, with all of the hype surrounding a Verizon iPhone, the average customer might not care if its 3G or 4G.

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