Verizon Wants Sprint, T-Mobile Shut Out of iPhone Sweepstakes Report

Verizon Wireless might be doing everything it can to keep competitors Sprint and T-Mobile from getting their hands on the iPhone, if a new analyst report is to be believed.

In a report to clients today, Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. says the presumed deal between Verizon and Apple for the device favors both companies. Wu says Verizon will likely kick in some extra cash to keep the iPhone out of the hands of T-Mobile and Sprint.

“We are hearing that VZ does not want iPhone, the hottest selling smart phone, available on T-Mobile USA and/or Sprint and may be willing to pay for exclusivity to itself and AT&T,” Wu wrote.

The analyst expects the deal between Apple and Verizon to be similar to the one Apple formed with AT&T four years ago. He says Apples bargaining position got even stronger when it released its third-quarter numbers, showing that more than 14 million iPhones were sold during that period. Furthermore, he says some of the shine is coming off of Android devices for Verizon, but it should be pointed out that third-quarter sales for Googles operating system were also favorable.

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