Blazin’!: Verizon 4G, Now Launched, Is Indeed Fast

Early tests for Verizons 4G LTE network, just rolled out over the weekend, show its as speedy as advertised.

In a test of the Washington, D.C., area conducted on Sunday, downlink speeds hit as high as 10.6Mbps, with 6.59Mbps being the lowest, according to the website phandroid. That compares to Sprints peak of 2.62Mbps for its WiMAX service in the nations capital, the site claims. phandroid doesnt say where its information comes from.

Thats great news for wireless customers, except were still waiting to see those speeds put into practice since Verizon doesnt have any 4G phones on the market yet. Sprint debuted the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic, both billed as 4G phones, earlier this year. Verizon does offer a pair of 4G modem devices that could get you up to speed, so to speak, if 4G is available in your area.

One pre-launch test last week put Verizon’s downlink speed as high as 21Mbps, which have some concerned that it’ll be too easy and quick to eat up monthly broadband allotments.

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