Women Snub Android, Think iPhone Is Dreamy

Maybe its all the women-oriented apps. Or maybe its the sleek design. Or maybe its the status factor. Or maybe its all of the above. Whatever the reason, women prefer the Apple iPhone to Google Android-based smartphones, according to new findings from stats firm The Nielsen Co.

Most women in the United States planning to get a smartphone want an iPhone, while more men would choose the Android, Nielsen said in a blog post earlier this week.

Without taking gender into consideration, most current smartphone owners 35 percent of those polled by Nielsen would opt for the iPhone. A smaller percentage, 28 percent, of current smartphone and feature-phone users said they hope to get an Android-based device as their next mobile phone.

For now, though, the iPhone and Research In Motions BlackBerry are caught in a statistical dead heat” with 27 percent of United States smartphone market share, Nielsen said. Android isnt far behind, having captured 22 percent of market share.

To be sure, BlackBerry seems to be regaining some lost momentum. This week, StatCounter said more BlackBerry users accessed the mobile Internet than did iPhone subscribers a big change from previous months.

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