Verizon LTE So Fast It Could Eat Months Worth of Data in 32 Minutes

Is Verizons new LTE network too fast? Thats what the results of one writers tests on the 4G platform could indicate.

PCMag.coms Sasha Segans tests this week maxed out at 21mbps. Now, dont forget, Verizons first ceiling is 5GB (which costs $50 per month and $10 per GB thereafter. Theres also an $80-for-10GB plan). So, if you were downloading 5GB at that speed, it would only take you 32 minutes,” Segan observed.

The scariest part?

As soon as you start using the latest high-bandwidth Internet services, your whole month’s allotment can evaporate within a day.”

And for what its worth, over at, writer Wilson Rothman this week has averaged speeds of 33mbps on Verizons LTE.

Both Rothman and Segan pointed out that as more people start to use Verizons LTE network, speeds surely will slow. Once that happens, Verizon has estimated users will average 8.5mbps, although the official prediction is between 5mbps and 12mbps. Still, when you consider that WiMAX operator Clearwire offers users unlimited access for $45 per month, Verizons nifty new LTE service starts to look really pricey (even though WiMAX is slower than LTE).

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