Inmates on Facebook: Sheriff Killer Uses BlackBerry to Post Prison Insights

They dont know how he got his hands on a BlackBerry, but authorities in Oklahoma say a man serving 30 years for killing a sheriff created and has been posting to a Facebook page.

Justin Lee Walker shot and killed a county sheriff during a burglary back in 2001. If you were expecting to get inside the head of a murderer by reading the writing on his wall,” youre out of luck; first, the page has been taken down, and second, it turns out Walkers postings are just as boring as anyone elses on the social media site.

Walkers page, with the name Jus N Walk,” featured thoughts like me against the world,” tales of long shower lines and sleeping until noon. The pictures, however, get a little more titillating. While many are just of Walker and men who appear to be other inmates, one shows him licking some sort of homemade blade.

Corrections officers also found marijuana in Walkers cell. Both violations could add time to Walkers sentence. Hes been segregated from his fellow inmates as prison officials further investigate the incident.

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