IBM Introduces Improved Security Tools

IBM has announced the release of new tools aimed at helping developers code more secure applications. IBM said it’s enhanced its Rational AppScan product line to make it easier for developers to spot and analyze security vulnerabilities in their code. In particular, Rational AppScan Enterprise Edition now provides a consolidated view of static and dynamic code analysis. This scanning capability, which supports JavaScript, gives developers a better look at potential vulnerabilities.

Steve Robinson, general manager of IBM Security Solutions, said in a statement, “As vulnerabilities become more prevalent, testing across the entire development lifecycle without having to invest in additional development resources and skills is significant for the bottom line.”

According to statistics from IBM’s X-Force threat analysis service, Web applications now account for 55 percent of all known software, and the job of safeguarding code against known bugs continues to get more challenging. Indeed, IBM’s researchers found that compared with 2009, the number of new threats rose by 36 percent in the first half of 2010.

IBM said its security offerings continue to build on its acquisitions of Watchfire in 2007 and Ounce Labs in 2009. Both organizations focused on developing tools and services for helping organizations create more secure software.

According to Robinson, IBM security solutions is now aiming to provide “more comprehensive security governance, collaboration and risk management solutions that further protect organizations from malicious attacks.”

Richard Rabbins, CEO of AlphaFive Software, an appdev tools company, agrees that securing applications is an important step to preventing vulnerabilities.

“Security during the development process is becoming more and more critical and IBM is taking a step in the right direction to address vulnerabilities while building code and not so much after the fact,” said Rabbins.

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