ippi Introduces Free International Calling

International VoIP services provider ippi is partnering with toll/toll-free phone number provider Voxbone to grow international SIP services. The alliance gives ippi customers access to international toll free calling and low-cost toll calling services to ippis 150,000 customers. Voxbone is the only carrier licensed in all 27 countries of the European Union and is providing all of ippis customers with Voxbone supplied iNum phone numbers.

According to Voxbone, iNum is a new type of phone number that treats international calls as local calls to significantly reduce call charges. iNum numbers are accepted and charged at local cost by more than 300 telecom operators worldwide. iNum dialing works the same at traditional call international call dialing, except that the country code assigned is 883, as assigned to Voxbone by the ITU.

The availability of iNum service will allow ippi partners and solution providers to deploy multinational, low-cost phone services for customers using SIP-based equipment. Whats more, customers using the ippi Messenger client on their SIP-enabled PCs will be able to receive SMS on their account via the iNum number.

ippi is offering a growing number of SIP related services that work with IP PBXs, soft phones, SIP phones and other devices and services. Solution providers can use ippi services to give local” access to international phone calls, helping to reduce costs, while increasing a companys reach into new and emerging markets.

ippi offers several levels of service, ranging from a free basic SIP service that only works with other ippi customers to national, European Union and worldwide SIP service plans.

Voxbone offers a range of ippi-compatible services including virtual PBXs, call routing, failover and auditing capabilities. Combined, the two companies offer technology that eases international calling, while leveraging SIP technology that should meet most any business entities needs.

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