Advanced Internet Technologies Announces New Promotion for Resellers

Fayetteville, N.C.-based Advanced Internet Technologies (AIT) has announced two new promotions designed to eliminate hidden fees for Web hosting resellers, Web designers, system integrators and MSPs. The promotions are broken down into a starter” plan and a pro” plan, which feature a simplified pricing matrix, as well as clearly defined features.

AITs starter plan is aimed at small resellers looking to gain a foothold in the hosting business, while the pro plan is aimed at larger resellers seeking unlimited virtual hosts and extensive disk space.

The Web hosting industry has become enamored with the use of asterisks and other symbols to hide additional charges,” said Jennifer Rivers-Jackson, sales manager. Most people dont scroll to the bottom of the page to notice the price they thought they were offered was far different from the price at the end of the shopping process. Were selling the Starter option for $39 a month and the Pro option for $59 a month. These prices will not change during the sales process.”

The Starter plan is aimed at new partners looking to start a hosting reseller business and includes the virtual hosts, disk space and RAM necessary to start. The Pro plan includes features that are designed for larger resellers, such as unlimited virtual hosts and increased RAM.

David Dadian, CEO of, a New Jersey based MSP, used AITs hosting services from mid 1998 to early 2000. He thinks simplified plans are nothing special in todays market.

AIT’s new approach seems to be old hat, and perhaps some rhetoric just to stir interest,” Dadian said. “Most Hosting providers from what I have seen are pretty up-front and straight-forward in their pricing. However, you cannot fault AIT for causing a stir to gain some reseller partners.” 

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