Surprise! BlackBerry OS Usage Blasts Apple in November

Heres a new twist in the old smartphone wars: In November, use of BlackBerrys mobile operating system overtook that of Apples iOS for the first time in the United States.

The research arm of Web analytics firm StatCounter released that news on Wednesday, reporting BlackBerry OS usage at 34.3 percent last month in the U.S., compared to 33 percent for Apple. Both BlackBerry and iPhone-maker Apple should keep an eye on Googles Android platform, though, because that software almost tripled its Internet market share from 8.2 percent in November 2009 to 23.8 percent this year.

Interestingly, StatCounter said Apples iOS share has fallen from 51.9 percent a year ago November to 33 percent. That prompted StatCounter to reiterate a warning several analysts have issued of late.

These figures suggest that developers should not be developing solely for the iPhone to the exclusion of BlackBerry and Android,” said Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter. If current trends continue, he said, BlackBerry and Android Internet consumption will grow twice as large as iOS in the next year.

Still, does all this mean BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion is regaining its lead in the wireless devices market? Not when you look at the worldwide numbers. Overall, Nokias Symbian leads with 31.9 percent share; followed by Apple iOS at 21.9 percent; BlackBerry OS at 19.3 percent; and Android at 11.6 percent.

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