Private Cloud Adoption Growing

A study conducted by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG) confirms what many have already assumed: Enterprise adoption of private cloud technologies is on the rise. Public infrastructures, however, are not feeling the same amount of love.

The study, which polled 267 IT technology professionals and data managers all of whom are Oracle users and members of the IOUG looked at the adoption of cloud computing among the Oracle user community. The results were not that surprising and echoed a number of other studies that confirm the growing popularity of cloud computing among enterprise, government agencies and educational institutions.

Among the notable takeaways of the survey, 29 percent of respondents have already deployed an internal cloud. Additionally, 37 percent said some piece of their organizations workload processing or infrastructure is now available through private cloud services.

Database and middleware are the catalysts for the majority of private cloud implementations, which are outpacing the use of public platform service providers especially in the areas of IT workload processing and infrastructure.

Security, meanwhile, remains a concern for both public cloud and online application services.

The findings align with other recent studies related to cloud adoption in the enterprise. A recent study by Savvis noted that 75 percent of companies either currently employ enterprise-grade cloud computing solutions or plan to implement them over the next five years, and 64 percent expect spending on hosted, on-demand and/or cloud-based software at their companies to increase over the next year.

And in a recent survey by CompTIA, 64 percent of respondents reported involvement with cloud computing compared to 36 percent of small companies and 58 percent of larger firms. Overall, 72 percent plan to expand the number and types of cloud computing services they use over the next year.

And a study conducted by Gartner noted that 67 percent of respondents said they prefer an internal or private cloud infrastructure, with only 28 percent preferring a fully managed public cloud such as Verizons CaaS and only 21 percent choosing a regular public cloud such as Amazons EC2.

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