iPhone, iPad Will Be Hot Sellers During Holiday Season Duh?

In what will come as stunning news only to those hiding under a rock this year, Apples iPhone and iPad will sell like hotcakes in the days leading up to Christmas, according to an analyst. Seriously? Thats like predicting its going to rain tomorrow in the Amazon Rainforest.

Brian White at Ticonderoga Securities drew the tough assignment of predicting Apple device sales this holiday season, and no surprise, he says the iPad and iPhone will continue to sell well right through the end of the year.

In his latest research note, White writes, With the powerful combination of Apple’s iPad, iPhone 4, refreshed iPod/iPod Touch portfolio, the new MacBook Air and Apple TV, we believe Apple is positioned for a big holiday season this year. Regardless of the overall strength during Black Friday and the holiday season at large, we believe Apple has the products that consumers demand.”

Hmmm. OK, yes, theres been speculation that the new Android-based tablet, the Samsung Tab, might make inroads on the iPads dominant market-share position almost 96 percent at last check and that may very well be true, but it would be hard for anyone to predict Apples iPad sales would be disappointing in December. And sure, the iPhone is seeing increasing competition as well, but its still winning customer satisfaction and loyalty contests.

Most analysts expect the tablet market to take off in 2011 as HP and RIM deliver new offerings; yet Apple might still be able to sell 28 million iPads in spite of the competition.

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