iPad 2 Specs, Potential Release Date Revealed

New reports indicate the second-generation Apple iPad and the brand-new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet might launch within days of each other next spring. A story in Chinas Economic Daily News quotes unnamed sources who say both devices will arrive in April or May.

The report also lists a few specifications for the new iPad, saying it will have both front- and rear-facing cameras that allow you to video chat using Apples FaceTime application. It also supposedly will have a USB port and sport the Retina Display screen resolution offered in the fourth-generation iPhone. The Chinese media outlet backs its claims by saying the anonymous sources are the same who accurately predicted specs for the original iPad a year ago.

Most analysts expect there to be plenty of room in the market for both tablets, but if the devices are indeed released within days of one another, it will certainly create an interesting head-to-head battle between the Silicon Valley and Canada-based giants. The iPads first major competitor, the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab, was released earlier this month.

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