Wanted: A Few Good Channel Partners

Scotland-based cloud service provider Flexiant is looking for a few good channel partners to help it in its quest to enter the U.S. market.

The company has partnered with Phoenix Fire, an Ayer, Mass.-based consultancy specializing in building channel programs, to help it recruit reseller partners for Flexiants Extility cloud computing platform.

Flexiant has an ambitious growth plan and the United States is a key market for us,” said Robert Karssiens, director of sales and marketing at Flexiant. Our cloud platform is already used extensively in Europe and we believe Phoenix Fire will be a considerable asset to accelerating our expansion in the United States.”

Flexiant developed Europes first cloud-computing platform in 2007. Its Extility software is a licensed cloud-computing platform featuring a unique user interface and API that enables users to shape server requirements to meet changing demands, reducing provisioning and reconfiguration time to seconds or minutes rather than hours or days, according to the company.

Flexiant also offers a public cloud service, FlexiScale, which enables companies to scale their server usage in the cloud to as many as 1,000 on the fly. FlexiScales pay-as-you-go virtual dedicated servers can be turned on or off in less than 60 seconds, enabling companies to shape their IT resources in response to dynamic market conditions. The service requires no long-term commitment or capital expenditure.

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