AT&T Terminates Confirmation of Motorola Olympus Release Date

On todays episode of The Handsets of Our Lives,” Android lovers on the AT&T network got their hopes up, only to have them dashed.

Thats because AT&T, on its Share Facebook page, earlier on Monday confirmed that the Motorola Olympus smartphone dubbed The Terminator” will be available in December or January. Then, a short time later, the post had disappeared. AT&T told Boy Genius Report that confirmation of the Olympus availability, in response to an AT&T users inquiry, was posted erroneously.”

We dont have any information to share about upcoming devices,” AT&T told Boy Genius Report.

The Motorola Olympus is the much-anticipated addition to AT&Ts scant Android lineup. Its said to have a dual-core, Tegra 2 processor, which means its supposed to be really, really fast. The Olympus also will run on the third version of Googles Android mobile operating system. AT&T has yet to offer a high-end Android handset and the companys subscribers are getting itchy.

Perhaps they should get an exam from one of those ubiquitous soap-opera doctors.

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