White Verizon iPhone: Are Leaked Pics Real?

With so many people apparently hinging their self worth on the color of their electronic gadgets, it seems Apple may indeed be ready to soothe all our inner loathing with a white version of the iPhone.

The Webs rumor du jour is that Apple really is going to release a white iPhone, but only on the Verizon Wireless network. (For now, AT&T remains the exclusive iPhone carrier in the United States, but thats bound to change early next year.) Theres even gasp! a photo of the supposed new device. If you believe everything you see in the era of PhotoShop, this Verizon-bound white iPhone comes with a redesigned chassis (to avoid another round of Antennagate) and does not have a SIM card.

Recall that Apple was said to have canned white iPhone efforts because the glass impaired photo quality. The news crushed inferiority complex-riddled gadget geeks everywhere whod been holding out for the iPhone 4, in white. Which has yet to appear. (For now, theyre stuck with the black iPhone, like millions of other Americans.)

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