RIM Bashes Apple, Jobs, iPad in Touting PlayBook

The new BlackBerry PlayBook is at least a couple of months from hitting store shelves, but thats not stopping Research In Motion from taking on Apple in a big PR battle over the companies respective tablet computers.

In a new online video, RIM touches on a number of ways the PlayBook is supposedly better than the iPad, particularly when it comes to speed and video quality. For example: Playbook opens Web pages faster, the video shows, and Adobe Flash allows for richer content and is animated,” while the iPad is jumpy” and choppy.”

The video is just the latest in a war of words between the two companies. Last month Apple CEO Steve Jobs snubbed his nose at RIM, saying, We have now passed RIM, and I dont see them catching up with us in the foreseeable future.” That comment followed news that the iPhone flew past BlackBerry in U.S. sales.

Balsillie responded by saying, We think many customers are getting tired of being told what to think by Apple.”

Balsillie has also taken a shot at the 300,000 apps offered in Apple’s App Store, calling most of them “unnecessary.”

Yet, Apple has reason to be cocky, not only on the smartphone front, but also in tablets. The company was first to market with the iPad earlier this year, and is yet to have a formidable challenger. The Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab has just been released on a couple of wireless networks in the U.S., and a couple more will debut it in a few days. It will remain to be seen if the Tab can take on the iPad or if the PlayBook will make the first real run at the device.

BlackBerry is facing a significant decline in smartphone market share and hopes the PlayBook can give it a boost to compete in the tablet arena.

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