Apple, Google Make Nice: Google Voice iPhone App Approved

Googles year-long battle with Apple to get its Google Voice app approved for the iPhone is over, ending in more of a whimper than a fight to the death.

Apple approved the app today, releasing a very brief PR statement, as if there was never any contention: The Google Voice app was resubmitted, reviewed and approved and it now joins the more than 300,000 apps currently available on the App Store.”

In case you forgot, Apple, you denied Googles first application a year ago, prompting an FCC inquiry. The computer giant responded, saying the app duplicated something you could already do on the iPhone. Google Voice allows users to send texts and make calls using a Google Voice phone number. The new app has a handful of other applications, like push notifications that let you know when new texts or voice mail messages are coming in.

So duplication of services or not, Google fans now have another option for voice services on their iPhones.

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