Avaya Updates IP Office Solution for SME Space

The latest version of IP Office, Avayas flagship communications system for small to medium enterprises, features a number of upgrades that can help save a company time, money and frustration.

Version 6.1, available now, includes support for Linux, easier installation and setup using one DVD and support for multipoint video. The latest version also supports Nortel Enterprise Systems communications offerings, enabling former Nortel channel partners to sell IP Office upgrades into existing NES environments.

We have what we believe is an innovative solution for the SME market,” said Isabelle Guis, senior director of Product Management and Marketing, SME Communications at Avaya.

This is the first upgrade to IP Office since the Nortel acquisition indeed, the first since September 2009 and as such is the first to incorporate support for Nortels SME product set including the Business Communications Manager and CS1000 systems, as well as the 1100 and 1200 series IP desk phones. (Avaya also has released an updated version of Business Communications Manager, branded under the Avaya name, that features new remote and mobile worker capabilities, as well as Web-based conferencing options.)

IP Office Version 6.0 now includes support for Linux as well as Microsoft Windows, enabling companies to utilize an open source platform and save money on licenses. Additionally, all the installation software is now included on one DVD, reducing the average installation time to 30 minutes from two hours, Guis said.

The latest version also includes a new interface for the one-X Portal, IP Offices Web-based desktop communications interface for home-based, mobile and office workers. The design of the new interface is flexible, allowing for complete customization using third-party gadgets. Whats more, the latest version integrates with Microsoft Outlook, enabling users to have their e-mail, calendar and other features of Outlook on their one-X Portal UI.

The old interface was more rigid it was preconfigured and not open to gadgets,” Guis said. This one is completely customizable, like MyYahoo! or iGoogle. With this version, users will be able to import gadgets from applications developers, then drag and drop them to create the page they want. Plus with the integration with Microsoft Outlook, its something they are familiar with.”

The new version also supports multisite management, so IT departments now can manage the communications needs of up to 32 different office sites using one consolidated interface. We have been supporting up to 32 sites and up to 1,000 users with some resiliency, but we didnt have a way to manage all the sites in one view. Users now can create views and groups, and use an interface with a map to drag and drop locations to create new site locations,” Guis said.

Finally, IP Office Version 6.1 now supports multipoint video at the desktop, moving beyond softphone-based video to offer HD videoconferencing with up to four parties. Additionally, it enables video integration with selected third-party SIP phones.

When we talk about innovation this is what we are bringing to the small and medium enterprise market,” Guis said. These are features traditionally that were available for larger companies, but now we are moving them downstream.”

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