iPhone, BlackBerry Users to Get Money From AT&T, For a Change

iPhone users in the United States received some unexpected news on this week: their carrier, AT&T, has settled a class-action lawsuit over Internet access taxes.

AT&T alerted its subscribers via text message late Thursday.

Customers who had an iPhone data plan between Nov. 1, 2005, and Sept. 7, 2010, could be eligible for reimbursement, now that AT&T has agreed to refund the charges imposed over nearly five years. And the carrier will stop charging those additional expenses. If individual customers dont reject or fight the settlement, theyll get checks from AT&T at some point theres no specific date considering how many recipients likely are involved.

But some other AT&T users may be in line for repayment, too. Data connect, smartphone data, standalone data, personal BlackBerry and enterprise smartphone plans all are involved in the settlement.

AT&T has denied any wrongdoing.

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