Gadget Geeks Rejoice: Samsung Prepping Android Gingerbread Smartphone

Samsung, known for its sleek handsets, appears to be ready to bust all our smartphone illusions again.

The device maker is expected to introduce an even hipper, thinner, boundary-pushing new smartphone next February, according to reports. The unnamed phone apparently will feature the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, a next-gen LED display, 1.2GHz of power, an 8-megapixel HD video/camera, 16GB storage, Bluetooth 3.0 and more.

The phone carries such a wow” factor, it seems, that reviewers and gadget geeks all over the Internet are dropping their attention to the Samsung Nexus S in favor of the new device.

Theres no word on when the rumored new Samsung phone will make its debut, or on which U.S. carriers network. All any of us can really expect is continued Android-based rollouts, and Androids relentless march toward world mobile OS domination.

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