Were Drowning in E-Mail, Social Media Tasks

As our work and personal lives become evermore entwined, our e-mail and social media responsibilities are become more overwhelming, according to a recent survey by People-OnTheGo.

The New New InboxHow Email and Social Media Changed Our Lives,” a survey of 1,000 business workers by People-OnTheGo founder and CEO Pierre Khawand, examines how e-mail and social media are both enriching and corroding the way we live, work and communicate with others.

The results of the study show the majority of respondents spend more than half their day 4.45 hours communicating via work and personal e-mail and monitoring social networking sites. Of that time, 3.27 hours are spent on e-mail and 1.18 hours are spent on sites including Facebook and LinkedIn.

More than 67 percent said they regularly monitor multiple inboxes, and almost 66 percent of participants reported interrupting their work constantly or too often just to check those inboxes.

The majority of the survey respondents almost 72 percent said they use social media for both work and personal reasons. Of those, 58.5 percent check Facebook regularly, 47.9 percent check LinkedIn regularly, 22.6 percent check Twitter, and 21.9 percent read blogs.

With all the excitement about these channels of communication we are now suffering from serious challenges that are leaving our workforce scattered and disoriented, and shrinking the bottom line,” Khawand said. However, the next generation of professionals and managers will redefine the tools, channels, platforms that we use to communicate.”

The New New Inbox” survey includes information on what companies can do to make better use of e-mail and social media, including putting in place clear guidelines and educational programs relating to the use of e-mail and social media in the workplace, declaring social media as an important initiative, formalizing the social media effort and seeking improved tools and technologies that can help streamline inboxes.

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