Motorola Fires Back at Microsoft in Patent Back-and-Forth

You knew it had to happen. A little more than a month after being inexplicably slapped with a patent lawsuit by Microsoft Corp., Motorola Inc. is retaliating.

On Thursday, the maker of the Droid smartphone fought back against Microsoft, claiming instead that Microsoft has infringed on 16 of its patents in the Windows operating system, the Windows mobile software and the Xbox video game consoles.

The quid pro quo also comes a day after Microsoft also accused Motorola of inflating royalties for networking technology Microsoft uses in the Xbox.

"It is unfortunate that Microsoft has chosen the litigation path rather than entering into comprehensive licensing negotiations, as Motorola has mutually beneficial licensing relationships with the great majority of technology companies industry-wide,” Kirk Dailey, Motorola Mobilitys corporate vice president of intellectual property, said in a prepared statement.

Microsoft isnt buying it.

"This move is typical of the litigation process and we are not surprised," Horacio Gutierrez, Microsofts intellectual property head, said in the statement to the LA Times. "We remain confident in our position and will continue to move forward with the complaints we initiated against Motorola.”

Motorola wants an injunction to keep Microsoft from using Motorola technology; the Illinois-based device manufacturer also wants Microsoft to pay for infringement.

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