Possible BlackBerry Playbook Launch Date Revealed

The first hint of when the new BlackBerry Playbook Tablet will be released is coming not from Canada but from the Caribbean.

Thats right, the Caribbean. TSTT, the national telecommunications provider of Trinidad & Tobago, says it will launch the Playbook in February. Research In Motion isnt confirming, but the company has previously said the Playbook would arrive in early 2011.

RIM hopes the Playbook can do what its BlackBerry smartphones are currently failing to do provide stiff competition for Apple. BlackBerry has been hemorrhaging smartphone market share to the iPhone maker and Googles Android operating system. But challenging the iPad will be an uphill climb if you put much stock in a recent survey. The Playbook comes with a 1GHZ processor, front- and back-facing cameras, a 7-inch touchscreen and 1GB of RAM, which should make it pretty speedy.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, which runs on Android, is going on sale in the U.S. this week, so one might wonder if RIM is waiting too long to get into the tablet game. All major carriers are expected to carry the Tab.

There’s no official word yet on pricing for the Playbook.

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