Cisco: Employee Demands Will Force IT Overhaul

According to the results of the Cisco Connected World Report, if most corporate IT departments had their way, employees would be using desktop computers with no mobile phones and no access to corporate networks outside the office.

The report shows a definite disconnect between IT and employees as the workplace becomes more mobile and workers demand access to corporate information beyond the corporate walls. Employees want to work anytime, anywhere they want to be, rather than sitting at a desk in the office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The survey respondents believe there is a lot more their companies could do to support their mobility needs, and only a third believe their current IT policies are in line with supporting those needs,” said Chris Kozup, director of Ciscos Mobility and Borderless Networks Marketing.

The Cisco Connected World Report surveyed 2,600 workers and IT professionals in 13 countries about their expectations, demands and behavior regarding how they work and communicate. The second set of results focuses more on how companies are keeping up or not with the changing face of the workplace.

The results noted that while 82 percent of companies have IT policies in place, 23 percent of survey respondents said their companies do not have IT policies on acceptable device usage, and 35 percent dont believe IT does a good job explaining why the policies exist. Consequently, the survey respondents engage in apathy, misunderstanding and selective compliance regarding their companys IT policies.

Forty-one percent of those breaking company IT policies do so because they need restricted programs and applications to do their jobs, while 20 percent do so because they believe their company or IT team will not enforce it.

Two-thirds or 66 percent of survey respondents believe they should be able to connect to the corporate network freely with any device, either personal or company-issued, and at any hour. However, current policies place restrictions on what devices can be used: 18 percent of survey respondents worldwide said employees are not allowed to use their iPods at work, and another 18 percent are restricted from using personal devices such as employee-owned laptops or phones.

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