BlackBerry Bold 9780 Finally On Sale, Gets $99.99 Price Tag

Research In Motions new BlackBerry Bold 9780 has hit the Telus network in Canada, according to reports.

The Bold now is on sale and pricing on the device is more clear. With a three-year contract, the Bold 9780 will cost $99.99. A two-year agreement increases the handsets price to $399.99, while a one-year term brings the cost to $449.99. Without a contract, the Bold 9780 will go for $499.99.

Over at Rogers, the lowest Bold 9780 price is $149.99.

RIM is launching the OS 6-based Bold 9780 in Canada before the United States, which makes sense since RIM is headquartered in Canada. Its to RIMs benefit, though, as, in the United States, it takes a licking from Android- and Apple iOS-based devices.

The only real difference between the Bold 9780 and the older Bold 9700 is more app memory and a higher-megapixel camera.

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