RIMs Very Bad Day? Bank of America, Citigroup May Shed BlackBerry

Research In Motion is not having a good day. The BlackBerry maker is losing computer-maker Dell as a customer, and now Bank of America and Citigroup may follow Dells lead.

Bloombergs BusinessWeek reports that Bank of America and Citigroup which, combined, employ about half a million people are testing corporate security on the Apple iPhone. Enterprises worldwide have clamored for the iPhone as a replacement to their BlackBerry devices but many an IT department has been reluctant to make the switch due to security concerns.

But if two of the worlds financial giants make the switch, theyll set a precedent for the rest of the industry, as well as other verticals. Plus, theyd make thousands of their corporate users extremely happy to at last be able to jump into the cool smartphone” trend. 

Apple has worked hard to lure big business subscribers, implementing features such as Exchange Server messaging, VPNs, remote wipe and more.

RIM, meanwhile, has struggled to keep pace in the tough world of smartphone development, despite its traction among large businesses.

Shares of Research In Motion closed down 2.54 percent at $55.66.

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