Another White Pages Gravestone Is Erected

Pennsylvania is now the fifth state to allow Verizon to stop automatic residential white pages delivery. The states Public Utility Commission voted unanimously to approve the change. New Jersey, New York, Florida and Delaware have previously given the telco giant the green light to put up the red light on white pages delivery.

That doesnt mean you cant get one if you want one. Residents in those states can still call the companys toll-free number (800) 888-8448 and request one. You can also get it on a disc for your computer. AT&T has made similar moves to stop automatic delivery around the country, and in those cases, only about 2 percent of residents have asked for the white pages.

Its not a complete death for the phone book Verizons directory publisher still puts out business and government listings that are ad-sponsored.

The move is expected to save 2,200 tons of paper since 12 million phone books in Pennsylvania will no longer be delivered.

In its petition to the Pennsylvania PUC, Verizon cited a 2008 survey that showed only 11 percent of households were looking up numbers in white pages. That number has likely decreased even more since then. The reasons why are pretty obvious everyones either going online for telephone numbers or they are storing them in their cell phones.

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