Bill-Shock Relief: Mans $18K Verizon Wireless Bill Cut Drastically

In another bill-shock horror story, a Philadelphia man returned from a summer spent in the Dominican Republic to find he had racked up $17,000 in roaming charges. He was using a wireless modem to connect to the Internet via his computer. It turns out that international use of such a service wasnt covered by his wireless plan. Fortunately for Mota, this story has a happy ending. Verizon Wireless has agreed to reduce his bill to $1,000, which hell pay in installments over the next 10 months.

“I feel like a load is off my back,” Mota told the Philadelphia Daily News. “At the same time, until I get something in writing, I’m unsure.”

Mota says he was only online a couple of times for an hour and a half before he got a message telling him he was roaming. He says he didnt use the computer again during his time in the Caribbean. Yet, when he returned home to Philadelphia, he found the monstrous bill waiting for him. Late fees took the bill over the $18,000 mark by September.

While cutting Motas bill by more than 90 percent, Verizon Wireless is using this as a warning to customers who dont read their service agreements carefully enough. Spokesman Sheldon Jones told the Daily News that its an education piece for customers traveling outside of the country and are going to use wireless services.” Jones said the charges were valid according to Motas contract.

This comes as the FCC mulls putting requirements on wireless companies to reduce the frequency of these bill shock” instances. Similar legislation was passed by the European Union earlier this year.

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