T-Mobile Undercuts AT&T, Verizon Rates with New Limited Data Plan

T-Mobile USA announced Monday that its rolling out a new monthly plan this holiday season that gives users 200MB of data for $10/month. You have to sign up for a new, two-year contract, but thats a decent price for the occasional data consumer. You can pay just $5 more per month if you dont sign up for a service agreement.

AT&T introduced two limited plans earlier this year and Verizon Wireless followed it up with a plan last week that gives users 200MB of data for $15. Neither T-Mobile nor Verizon has done away with unlimited plans entirely. Both still give you unlimited data for $30 per month.

T-Mobile is the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S. in terms of subscribers, trying to compete with AT&T and Verizon Wireless by offering cheaper phones and services as the gap grows between the top two wireless companies and the rest.

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