iPhone Glitch Makes People Tardy for Work

People have been making excuses for being late since the dawn of time it was the kids; the car broke down; traffic; my neighbor wouldnt stop talking to me, etc. Now the Apple iPhone is getting blamed for making some Europeans late for work this morning, but this one could be legit.

A glitch caused some iPhone owners alarms to go off an hour late; it seems to have affected only those using the recurring” alarm function on their cell phones. People who set them manually each day were not impacted. Many took to Twitter to validate their excuse and it never hurts when you have a bunch others backing you up, right? Of course, its not so funny when you consider some Tweeters reported missing flights because of the problem.

Europe leaves Daylight Saving Time behind a week earlier than Americans do. Now people in the U.S. have a built-in excuse for next Monday after they make the switch. And hey, this ones more believable than the dog ate my homework,” right?

Apple says the problem is being fixed in a software update.

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