HP Keeps Palm Brand? Company to Release Bevy of webOS Devices Reports

The Palm brand isnt dead yet. Even though HP now owns the beleaguered Palm, a bevy of webOS devices including a tablet to go up against the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy apparently will hit the market in early 2011.

Thats according to multiple reports this week, which say Chinas embattled Foxconn Technology is making the devices. The Palm Pre 2 reportedly is among the to-be-released pieces of electronic candy. Another manufacturer, Compal Communications, also is said to have landed a contract with HP to make some of its webOS devices. Foxconn stands to be the primary supplier, though.

HP bought Palm earlier this year for $1.2 billion after Palm, creator of the Pre and Pixi phones, lost too much market share to rivals such as Apple, RIM and Motorola, to stay afloat. Theres been speculation that HP would wipe out the Palm brand and just keep the well-regarded webOS platform, but it appears the Palm name will stick, at least for now.

In the meantime, the Palm Pre 2 is said to be making its debut with Rogers in Canada any day.

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