No White iPhone 4? Apple Has Us Obsessing Over Technological Great White Whale

Apple appears to have its own version of the great white whale” on its hands.

The mythical, elusive creature known as the white iPhone 4 has been delayed yet again, prompting questions of whether well ever, like Captain Ahab, capture this technological Moby Dick. As for the reasons behind the holdup, Apple wont say. All the company would reveal is that the much-anticipated white version of the iPhone is much more challenging to manufacture” than thought.

The white iPhone 4 wont be available until at least spring of next year, according to Apple.

And at least one outlet, Boy Genius Report, suspects the white iPhone 4 has been canceled altogether, not just postponed. BGR quotes a source who says another delay will be announced in March in hopes that customers will give up on the white handset and instead wait for the iPhone 5 to be released in the summer.

Meantime, could the white iPhone 4s colorless glass be to blame for all the problems? Thats one hypothesis being touted by several tech bloggers. They say the glass lets in too much light, especially when used with the flash function, creating washed-out digital photos.

The absence of a white iPhone 4 also means no extra boost for Apples holiday sales. However, the situation shouldnt hurt Apple much, one analyst told DailyFinance.

“That lack of a white iPhone 4 does not seem to be slowing demand at all. If it is, it is very minimal,” Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros told the website. “Keep in mind Apple shipped 14 million iPhones last quarter, the most in its history and more than what Research in Motion/BlackBerry and Google/Android shipped in their latest quarters.”

In other words, even if we never see the white iPhone 4, Apple still has plenty of ways to make the public obsess, in a very Ahab-esque fashion, over its products.

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