Motorola Adds Support for iOS, Android to Mobility Services Platform

Addressing the proliferation of Apple and Android-based devices into the enterprise, Motorola has updated its Mobile Services Platform (MSP) management software to include support for both Motorola and non-Motorola devices.

We have seen a lot of inclusion of consumer-like devices in the enterprise and realized we need to be more inclusive of that,” said Sheldon Safir, director of global product marketing at Motorola. We are faced with the problem of how do we help IT departments that are using enterprise products incorporate these consumer devices into their organization?”

The answer, he said, was to enable MSP to manage these devices as easily and seamlessly as it manages enterprise-focused devices.

This helps us present a much more inclusive and open solution to our customers that fits well with where we are seeing evolution in the industry,” Safir said. The latest version of MSP increases the scope of what can be managed remotely and thereby increases the comfort level of IT departments.”

The latest version, available now, includes support for Microsoft Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone and Android devices, as well as peripherals such as wireless printers, credit and debit card readers and biometric fingerprint readers. Features include GPS fencing, which sends out an alert if a device goes outside its prescribed areas, and historical tracking. The new version also includes the ability to monitor battery life of the managed devices, so IT managers can proactively alert users when their battery is low, and out-of-the-box staging so users can start using the devices from the moment they are powered up.

We understand the enterprise is not a homegenous environment,” Safir said. We have heard over the last 18 months and we see the trend in mobility that as more people are given mobile devices there is the concern about what is on the device and how it can be protected. The IT department is looking for this kind of solution.”

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