Help Wanted: Call Center Reps for Verizon iPhone Questions

Sure, the Verizon iPhone hasnt been officially confirmed, but there are hundreds of new jobs opening up at call centers used by Apple and Verizon, a pretty good sign that theyre beefing up customer support for the device.

CNET reports that a hiring company in Georgia is advertising 1,700 positions in four states. While the postings dont exactly say what types of calls the new employees will be handling, many do indicate the workers will take calls for a major wireless carrier. Job tasks, according to the listing, include, general inquiries about billing rates, roaming, features and services,” according to CNET. Some of the ads also refer to tech support for smartphones and MP3 players.

Of course, none of the companies is confirming the need for the additional workers, but its a pretty big number in this economy without there being some significant reason for it. Most reports have Verizon releasing a CDMA version of the iPhone sometime early next year.

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