Cisco Updates Medianet Architecture to Enable Any to Any Video Interoperability

Cisco is pushing the boundaries of video further into the enterprise with the next phase of its medianet architecture, designed to made video technologies simpler to use and more accessible to everyone in an organization.

As video becomes more prevalent in the enterprise through videoconferencing or as a way to quickly impart information or educate employees  solution providers have an opportunity to present solutions that make video technology friendlier to the network and for users. Such is the idea behind medianet, Cisco said.

As part of the architecture, Cisco unveiled the Cisco MXE 5600, which can process media for broadcasting on any device at any time regardless of the format. Additionally, the 5600 provides interoperability between Cisco and third-party videoconferencing systems, desktop endpoints and PC-based video applications.

Because it is standards-based, the MXE 5600 currently supports a range of vendors systems,” said Didier Moretti, vice president and general manager, Media Experience and Analytics Business at Cisco. It has been qualified with endpoints from the leading vendors including Lifesize, Polycom and Sony. The MXE 5600 also works with Ciscos video endpoints, including Cisco TelePresence systems and Tandberg video conferencing endpoints.”

Medianet also features the MXE 3500, which the company previously announced, with enhancements including video analytics, or its ability to analyze video content and create tags based on video and audio content, such as speaker or topic. Users can use the social tagging to search and navigate video based on content.

The company also introduced a number of endpoints that include embedded intelligence and enables the network to automatically recognize and configure the endpoints when they are deployed.

Cisco first introduced the medianet concept in September 2008, said David Hsieh, vice president of Marketing for Ciscos Emerging Technologies Group. At that time medianet was Ciscos vision for a smarter, more efficient network for the delivery of video content. With todays announcement, we are pleased to be able to demonstrate proof of concept with the actual endpoints and network solutions that make medianet a reality. We see this development as signaling the next phase of video use in the enterprise and beyond; and a significant step in helping network operators and IT managers more effectively manage and deploy multiple video systems across the network for a truly plug-and-play experience.”

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