Verizon Announces Price, Release Date for Samsung Tab

Verizon Wireless said today that it will next month start selling the Samsung Tab, the first tablet computer to perhaps challenge the Apple iPads market dominance.

The Tab will go on sale Nov. 11 for $599.99. Thats $30 less than itll set you back for an iPad, which the carrier will offer for the first time later this month. But already, analysts are already bashing the price, saying its simply too high for a product that customers will see as inferior to the iPad. Avi Greengart of Current Analysis says $400 would have been a better price to set the Tab apart. While the Tab has a camera and can run Adobe Flash, its not enough to challenge the iPad if the price is that close, Greengart said. The Apple juggernaut is just too strong, especially considering it made it to market with the first slate device, has already sold millions of them and has the largest volume of apps to support it.

Look for just about everyone else including AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint to start selling the Tab soon. It will be interesting to see if a price war develops.

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