Droid 2 Global, Pro Among New Smartphones to Hit Verizon Wireless Soon

Get ready for a slew of hot devices to hit Verizon Wireless stores in early November, according to reports.

Most of the gadgets will come from Motorola, but one will come from Palm, now owned by HP.

The Droid 2 Global, the Citrus and the Droid Pro a predicted BlackBerry killer all should arrive on Nov. 11, alongside the Palm Pre 2 running on the new webOS 2.0 platform. The new Pre device first will launch in France.

Each handset runs on Googles mobile operating system, Android. The software is dominating the smartphone world; several research firms have noted over the past several months that Android will be the No. 1 wireless OS in the United States by the end of this year.

Android users might be most excited about the Droid Pro. Thats because its the first enterprise-friendly smartphone to hit the market. It supports multiple VPNs, for example, and the e-mail client allows for formatting, rather than providing just plain text.

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