Dont Flipout: New Mid-Range Motorola Phone Does Decent Job

Motorola s gone gung-ho with the Android-based devices, but most have turned out to be either high-end or low-end theres not much in between.

Until now, anyway. It seems the new Flipout, available on the AT&T wireless network, hits all the important notes without costing a bundle.

For one thing, the Flipout appears to be pretty fast for a mid-range handset. A reviewer at Phonedog found that applications loaded quickly and the pinch-to-zoom feature in the browser was a pleasant experience.” The screen is a little small at 2.8 inches, but still usable. The resolution pixelates, since the Flipout isnt top-quality, but the reviewer points out that the screen probably will seem like an upgrade to consumers accustomed to small featurephone screens.

Phonedog says the Flipout comes with an AC adapter module, USB cable, 2GB micro SD card and two battery covers one black, one orange (how very Halloweeny).

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