Overages on New Verizon Data Pricing Far Cheaper Than AT&T

Expect to see a cheaper data plan from Verizon Wireless as of next week, but keep in mind the change applies only to the carriers 3G network.

Numerous media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, are reporting today that Verizon soon will implement tiered data pricing. And, unlike its chief rival, AT&T Inc., Verizon will keep its unlimited data option, priced at $29.99 per month, intact.

That leaves the new alternative, which will cost $15 per month for 150MB, with an overage charge of 10 cents per extra megabyte. The cap should allow for about 900 webpages or five hours of music-streaming each month, the Journal said. Verizon should introduce the new plan on Oct. 28; a two-year contract is required.

Verizons rumored pricing differs substantially from AT&Ts. AT&T offers a $15 plan for 200MB and a $25 plan for 2GB, but the overages run $15 and $10, respectively. The company axed unlimited pricing earlier this year.

All mobile carriers are eyeing the pricing they impose for subscribers to gain entry the Internet and email through their cell phones. As more people use smartphones such as Android-powered handsets and the ever-popular iPhone, as well as tablets such as the iPad, operators want to cash in on demand. Such consumption will only grow as providers implement 4G service Verizon aims to turn up LTE networks in 38 markets by years end, for example, and has yet to announce data pricing for that next-gen access.

Verizon will test its $15 monthly plan as a holiday promotion then evaluate its next moves.

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