Leaked Motorola Droid X SE Photos for Verizon: Real or Doctored?

Some fresh photos of a rumored new Motorola Droid X for the Verizon Wireless network are floating around the Web today. But there are some inconsistencies between the pictures and previous versions of the handset, raising questions of photo-doctoring.

IntoMobile reports that the supposed Motorola Droid X SE for Special Edition” or, possibly, Silver Edition” bears a silver bevel, rather than a black one. Yet, the silver bevel appears much thicker than its black predecessor and seems oddly shaped. This could have to do with the angle of the photo first sent to Phone Arena, or the new, purported Droid X could still be in the prototype stages. Or it could just be a fake.

IntoMobile further observes that the Verizon Wireless logo has been placed in the lower right-hand corner of the Droid X SE, rather than centered below the display. Sure, Verizon could have requested a repositioning of its logo but that does seem like a big change for a minor feature, if all other aspects of the manufacturing process have stayed the same.

Meantime, the Motorola Droid X SE is thought to have the same 1.2GHz processor as the Droid 2 Global. All Droid devices are powered by Googles Android mobile operating system, which has overtaken the BlackBerry platforms market share in the United States.

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