Clearwire Preps for 4G Mobile Internet Launches in NYC, L.A., S.F.

Clearwire announced its ready to fire up 4G mobile Internet service in three of the nations 10 largest markets before the end of the year.

In New York City, Clearwire, Sprint and Time Warner Cable will launch services on Nov. 1, each under their own 4G brands. Officials launch events and retail store openings will follow. The companies describe the 4G customer experience as similar to Wi-Fi but without the short-range limitations. Outside the 4G service area, dual-mode 4G/3G modems keep users continually connected by leveraging Sprint’s 3G data network.

Subscribers will also be able to purchase a wide range of 4G devices, including: compact USB modems, numerous Intel(R) embedded WiMAX laptops and netbooks, portable Wi-Fi/4G hotspots, and other wireless devices, all aimed at making lives in 4G cities more mobile and efficient.

Its a similar story in San Francisco, where Clearwire, Sprint and Comcast will launch 4G mobile Internet services under their own brands sometime in late December. Clearwire and Sprint will do the same in Los Angeles on Dec. 1.

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