Verizon iPad Data Plans Come With Hefty Overage Charges

The Verizon Wireless pricing plans for the iPad are more clear, the day after the nations largest mobile operator announced its finally getting the coveted Apple tablet.

The Verizon iPad will run only on Wi-Fi, using the carriers MiFi hotspot service, since Apple hasnt developed a CDMA device yet (that we know of).

We now know more, too, about the actual pricing on the iPad data plans. Theres a $20 fee for 1GB per month; $30 for 3GB; and $50 for 5GB. Yes, the costs are less than the current MiFi charges $35 for 250MB and $60 for 5GB but look out for the overages. The $20 plan comes with an overage cost of $20 per additional gigabyte; the other two tiers incur $10 extra per additional gigabyte.

One consolation is that Verizon will offer the iPad on a month-to-month basis without an early termination fee.

The iPad will be available through Verizons retail stores as of Oct. 28. The smallest-capacity tablet, the 16GB, will cost $629; the other two will go for $629 and $829, respectively.

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