BlackBerry Storm 3, PlayBook Could Save RIMs Next 2 Quarters

Research In Motion last month reported a hefty profit but Wall Street doesnt care what was it wants to know what will be. To that point, analyst firm Jefferies & Co. this week predicted the BlackBerry Storm 3 and the new PlayBook tablet should boost the device makers numbers over the next two quarters.

Of course, the Storm 3 has yet to be released. Reports pin the handsets debut some time around the end of November, if plans for the device arent canceled. The PlayBook hit the market late last month.

In a client memo, Jefferies & Co. noted, The next couple of quarters may be better than we initially thought,” thanks to the Storm 3 and PlayBook. But, analysts maintained their Hold rating on RIM, as we wait for evidence of not just sell-in strength, but sell-through demand.” In fact, the observers said, RIM is not out of the woods yet.”

The Storm 3 should be RIMs long-awaited answer to the iPhone. But thats what they said about the newly released Torch, too.

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